Wood charcoal is a product that follow mankind throughout its history. Wood charcoal is obtained by heat treatment of wood. Wood charcoal has a wide range of applications ranging from medicine to industry, and has a special place in the home and hospitality industry to prepare delicacy. For this and other purposes, KRIŽEVCI-PRODUKT d.o.o. Produces this product since 1992. With the great experience in this production, we have achieved the quality of the top quality product that meets EU norms (GMP +, HACCP, FSC, EN 1860-2).

Charcoal for barbecue

Charcoal for barbecue is delivered in bulk or in a package of 2.5 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 15 kg.

Holzkohle für grill

Instant Light Charcoal

Instant light wood charcoal is another way to prepare a quality barbecue. Practical individual packs are the ideal choice for beginners or for grilling at the last moment.
Quality wood charcoal is coated with high quality wax and individually packed in 1.5 kg bags, the only thing you need to ignite is the bag. The product is completely safe and meets the European standard EN 1860-2.

Charcoal for special applications

We also produce charcoal powder and different sizes granulates for customer needs such as veterinary, oil, food and other industries.

Holzkohle für besondere Anwendungen - Pulver und Granulaten

Herstellung von Zusatzstoffen für Viehfutter GMP+ HACCP

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